founder at Revitaliste 

Using antique, vintage and heirloom furniture has always been a great way to add character and individuality to a space, but these pre-loved pieces often require some TLC. Interior designers know all too well that the effort to breathe new life into old furniture is time-intensive – getting a quote can take days, response times are slow, lead times are variable, workrooms are far away and quality can be inconsistent.

Cue Revitaliste, the first and only one-stop service designed to make it effortless to give new life to old furniture.


We sat down with Revitaliste founder Amy Frederickson to learn more about the San Francisco based furniture revitalization company, their process, and the value of revitalizing old furniture.

1. Tell me about your background. Why did you start Revitaliste?

I was raised with the idea that good furniture was meant to last many lifetimes. From a young age, I witnessed my parents transform the same furniture pieces in our home to fit different aesthetics over time, instilling in me a deep commitment to reduce waste in all aspects of my life. Throughout my adult life, I have painstakingly “rescued” countless old pieces. Despite the many pitfalls and headaches, I fell in love with the transformation process. Combining this passion with my background in finance and digital strategy, I launched Revitaliste in 2016 out of a desire to make the process to revitalize old furniture inspiring and effortless. I believe that by creating an online, easy-to-access service, people will more frequently opt to revitalize versus replace old furniture.

Vintage French Settee

2. Interior designers often have their own go-to resources for upholstery and refinishing services – what makes Revitaliste different? How would a designer benefit from using your services?

Sewing Chair

Sewing Chair & Antique Desk

In short, working with Revitaliste is time-saving! We know interior designers wear many hats, have hectic schedules and long to-do lists that take away from their time to focus on designing. We give that time back to designers by eliminating the inefficiencies and dozens of micro tasks associated with giving new life to old furniture, which in turn enables them to stretch their clients’ budget further and allocate resources to more tangible items. When designers work with Revitaliste, they still own the design process, and we expertly bring their design vision to life. Our lead times are short (~4 weeks) and the quality of our work is always guaranteed so designers can feel confident that each piece will be done on time and exactly to specification.

Danish Midcentury Modern Credenza


Antique Sofa


1970s Moon Table


Vintage Bench